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I have mastered the following releases:
Maxi Fík - Feel the Night
USD. - Koala Dubs
Mourning Coup - Baby Blue
minimalviolence - Heavy Slave
N.213’s Group Vision - S/T
D.Tiffany - The Genero EP
Category - Jitter Plots
dylan check - Caravan EP


2018 Coney Island Baby, short film
(post-production mixing)


2018-present Fake Jazz Monthly (audio documentation)

2017 Necking - Meditation Tape

2017 M.A.Z.E. - D​.​E​.​M​.​O. & L​.​I​.​V​.​E.

2016 Tommy Tone - Bad To The Tone

2015 Tommy Tone - Fax Me A Brain

2015 Space Bros. - In The Dreamtime of the Saucer People (Planet of the Tapes)

2013 New Vaders - The Rappers (Trashtronix)

2013 New Vaders - Dynamic Traxx Vol. 1 (Limb Soup Tapes)

2013 Korean Gut - Lava Flow (Kingfisher Bluez)


Abibas (2017, promo video, Shizen Jambor & Olga Abeleva)

The Fridge (2014, web ad, Zanopan Design)


I have composed music/sound effects for the following video games:

10 Beautiful Postcards (2019, Harmony Zone)

Fantasy Garden (2018, Beefstrong)

Magic Wand (2016, Harmony Zone)

Mouse Corp. (2014, Harmony Zone)

Bad Smell (2013, Magicdweedoo)

Goblet Grotto (2012, Harmony Zone)

Super Eagle (2012, Harmony Zone)


CULTUREBEAST (2013-2015)
BABY IPAD (2013)
THE RAPPERS (2012-2013)


Feature: Divorcer (Discorder Magazine)

And Now an Interview with the Guy Who Created Those Weird Cineplex Popcorn Animations (Exclaim!)

Unfinished Business (Issue Magazine #06)

Richard Entwisle: In Review

Saskatoon’s Avulsions put punk out to pasture (AUX)

Bryan Adams’ keyboardist is amazingly strange (AUX)

10 Items of Note in the Year That Has Been Two-Thousand and Forty-Teen (Texture Magazine)

DJ Garbage Body’s Buddies :: Tom Whalen (Texture Magazine)